Neon NFT collection

It has been an amazing ride so far since I started creating NFT’s. In just a few couple of weeks I sold my first couple of NFT’s but more importantly I learned a lot about the whole NFT scene.

NFT Neon two sold on

After I tried a couple of things with NFT’s on OpenSea I was lucky enough to be able to receive an invite to With a big shoutout to flame.eth. I think Foundation is a better marketplace for NFT’s because in my opinion it is filled mostly with serious artists and artworks whereas OpenSea has a lot of get rich quick people, scammers and copyright infringements in-between also gorgeous art.
As soon as I made the move to Foundation I started to sell my artworks. Because I create a lot of different styles of art I started with mixed types of artwork on Foundation also placed in a general collection.

The Neon tunnel environment

When I got the inspiration for the first Neon artwork I realised this had the potential to become a bigger collection of Neon-styled artworks I created the Neon collection on Foundation.
Upon time of writing this blog I have minted (uploaded and priced) two artworks in this collection and both are sold. With a lot of thanks for your support CasperB.

Neon one and Neon two show us a female dancer in modern dance poses in a neon tunnel with a highly reflective ground creating aa futuristic and abstract artwork with a lot of color and lines.

Ballerina placed in Neon environment
The main character placed in the Neon environment

I think these artworks are not only very nice to look at digitally but I also think these artworks should be hanging on an interior wall somewhere. As with all my NFT’s I allow selling prints of the NFT for the NFT owner, so hopefully these artworks will appear on a wall somewhere sometime.

The dancer is digitally body painted with hand painted oil-paintings. Of course this would be possible to do in the photo studio working with a bodypaint artist but I decided to do this part digital because that gives me the freedom to create variations more easily than by using real bodypaint.
The techniques on how I created the bodypaint are my artists-secrets, so I won’t show that part in behind the scenes images.

The tunnel is basically a 3D render giving me even more flexibility in creating the artwork. I can easily change colors and shapes by using a digital environment.

People who know my art know that I almost always use different kind of elements in creating my art which can be sketches, drawing, painting, rendering, photographing, ai-imaging and bringing it all together in Photoshop to create the finished artwork. This way it gives me a lot of flexibility in creating artworks that form in my imagination and also keep me learning new techniques adding to my toolbox of techniques.

Check my NFT works here or on Foundation.

Follow me on Foundation to see the upcoming Neon artworks that are in the pipeline and I will promise you I will keep on trying to surprise and amaze you.

Work in progress of Ballerina in Neon
Ballerina in Neon WIP

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