A jump on the NFT train

Perhaps this is just a short-lived hype, perhaps I already missed this train but the concept of NFT intrigues me at least. The idea of being able to sell art to a collector and have a small percentage whenever the artwork is resold is only fair. Also no middleman like expensive art galleries where only a few artists ever get a fair chance to sell their work is something that attracts me to the concepts of NFT.

A brief explanation to NFT’s

Painted FashionGirl Portrait NFT

NFT stands for Nun Fundable Token and is something that has to do with the crypto world. You might have heard of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But besides Bitcoin there are a lot of other cryptocurrencies out there with Etherium being the second largest. NFT’s are often sold on the Etherium network, so you will need a way to exchange your normal currency into the used cryptocurrency of the artwork you want to invest in. This is done using services like CoinBase. You can receive free Bitcoin when using this link. This service is pretty simple to use with an app on your smartphone.
The NFT is basically the proof of ownership of a published (art)work. You can buy a NFT by bidding for it or make an offer.
Once you own the NFT you have the proof of owning a digital work and with most NFT’s you didn’t purchase the copyrights or printing rights, etc. This is where I would like to see things changed because because of this an NFT basicity means you have bought nothing. Just a digital piece of paper pointing to an online image. That is why I grant permission to print and even sell prints as long as the owner of the NFT stays the owner of the NFT.


Owning one or more of my NFT’s is a smart investment especially if you are in the market for something to hang on your wall since you will be investing in an artwork that you can print yourself or even try to sell prints of and when you want to move on you can always try to make a nice profit selling the NFT to someone else and still have the print on your wall.

Meet Lovely Big Puppy Eyes from the Big Puppy Eyes NFT collection

Some artworks are standalone pieces of art but there are also collections of artworks. Getting to own all the works in a collection could let your investment significantly grow in comparison to owning single pieces of art.
I also created a collection of artworks I made especially for the NFT market. The collection is titled Big Puppy Eyes and can be found here.

Please take a look at my NFT’s here if you are interested in a NFT made by me, or check OpenSea for more awesome artworks and collections.

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