My first NFT project on

After trying the NFT waters on Opensea for a couple of weeks I recently received an invite to thanks to FflameTheFish and minted a new NFT project on called ‘Painted Lady in Black‘. It is one of my biggest mixed media projects I ever made and features a huge amount of different assets combined with drawing, rendering, photography and digital painting created in a high resolution artwork that would be an eye-catcher in any interior.
My style of using high and many contrasts as well as using the color red is definitely featured in this artwork so I think it fits nice in-between my other artworks.

I created an Arjen Roos collection to showcase my NFT’s on and will add new works as soon as I start to make sales.
So now my work can be found, and bought of course, on and I feel a little proud because of that. Just take a look at some of the creators, artworks and collectors that are using and you will find a lot of high quality work.

Waiting anxiously for my first offer and sale.

Hopefully my ‘Painted Lady in Black’ will exchange owner so I can start to mint my second project on
Find my other NFT projects on this page.

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