Looking for assets to use in your fine-art composites? Feel free to take a look at my downloadable assets.

Digital painting

To create a digital painting I use a couple of different techniques combining photography, photoshop, sketching and painting into a new work of art.
Usually I follow these steps to create a new painting;

  1. preparation – moodboard
  2. preparation – create base image
  3. create working layers the quick & easy way
  4. create working layers by hand
  5. digital painting using actions
  6. finishing touches

Composite photography

1. Shoot studio photo and location photo’s. The location photo’s I often shoot as HDR.

2. Shoot background image
HDR photographing, camera settings, etc

3. Retouch model photo
Adding detail using the Double RAW Converting technique, skin retouching (using the dust & scratches filter), dodge & burn
A frequency separation technique is explained very well on Fstoppers by Julia Kuzmenko.

4 Background editing
Tonemapping, Adding detail, cleaning up, dodge & burn

5 Creating the composite
Cutting out the subject, adjusting

6 Creating shadows

7 Blending foreground with the background

8 Final touches

9 Publishing the end results
Use of social media

Using assets

More recently I started to incorporate renders into my work. With the use of renders comes a lot of creative freedom and endless possibilities for creating backgrounds/backdrops as well as creating main subjects.
Take a look at the Assets page for free downloads and asset packs I have for sale.

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  1. Beste Arjen, erg bedankt voor je òverduidelijke uitleg wat betreft de Double Raw Converting techniek. Voor human bodies en portretten van mannen is het fantastisch!
    Mocht je nog eens in Levanto komen, waar ik woon met mijn familie, dan ben je van harte welkom in ons Casinò di Levanto! Nogmaals bedankt, werk-ze, have fun, laugh lots, Hans –

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