Because of my background and interests in new technologies I of course had to try creating NFT’s of artwork I made. Personally I think that being able to sell digital art more like conventional art gives artists and collectors a way to find each other. But with new technologies there could also be hiccups and growing pains. For instance if anyone can mint an NFT from any image with no control over ownership and copyrights it wouldn’t take too long for people minting artworks they have no rights to. Of course this is a problem and one I really hope will be fixed soon.
Another rights problem being that the buyer of the NFT basically has no rights other then owning the NFT. For instance the owner of the NFT wouldn’t be allowed to print a physical copy or sell a printed copy of the artwork because of copyrights. This in my opinion turns the NFT into air with absolutely no value at all. That is why I decided to create NFT’s that include rights to print and sell the prints for as long as the owner remains the owner of the NFT.

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Buying one of my NFT’s is an investment in the future and because no-one can predict the future and you might loose all your hard earned money in NFT investments because of the (commercial) printing rights you have another way of still making a profit from these NFT’s making buying these NFT a smart investment especially if you can use a printed copy on your own wall.