To create a digital painting I use a couple of different techniques combining photography, photoshop, sketching and painting into a new work of art.
In this tutorial I will show you all the steps I take to create a digital painting based on a photograph or a photoshopped work.
I will show you different techniques ranging from quick and easy to doing it all by hand which of course will take more time.

If you want to follow along with the same photograph I am using you can download the file here. Just unzip the file and open up the .JPG file in Photoshop (as a smart object if you prefer). Feel free to publish your result but I would very much like it if you give attribution or a link to this tutorial.

Usually I follow these steps to create a new painting;

  1. preparation – moodboard
  2. preparation – create base image
  3. create working layers the quick & easy way
  4. create working layers by hand
  5. digital painting using actions
  6. finishing touches

Hopefully this tutorial will teach you a technique or two or just show you my process. Let me know what you think of this tutorial, I would very much like to see your results.