Creating a digital painting; preparation moodboard

This is the first page of the creating a digital painting tutorial. Other pages are;

  1. preparation – moodboard (this page)
  2. preparation – create base image
  3. create working layers the quick & easy way
  4. create working layers by hand
  5. finishing touches

The first step in creating a digital painting for me is finding inspiration. For me inspiration can come from a lot of things. Sometimes inspiration comes from watching tv of a movie, sometimes from things I take a picture of with my phone or sometimes I get inspiration from images I see online.
Great places to find inspirational images online are Pinterest, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Instagram and of course Google image search and a lot of other websites.
I usually save the images I find for inspiration in a folder on dropbox so I can have access to the images wherever I am.

If I am working with a client or a stylist, make-up artist, etc I will create a moodboard in Photoshop. This will be a big file on low resolution where I place all the images that fit the moodboard, combined with brush examples, colours, sketches, etc. Exporting the moodboard as jpg to share with other is quick and easy.

If you want to continue with the tutorial on how to create a digital painting you can go to the next page where you will be preparing the base image.

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