Vintage Portrait

A vintage portrait of a young woman. The work is based on a photo taken in the studio and combined with multiple photos, a sketch and digital painting to create a portrait with a retro or vintage style. This is enhanced by the classic pose facing the camera and the way of lighting which shows nicely on the black hat.

The inspiration for this portrait came from 19th century portraits for the colors and lighting however, the lack of eyes is more of a 20th century style influence.

The work is one of my personal favorites and is also very popular in my shop and on my website. So it clearly captures people’s imagination.

Because I have chosen a dark style with strong dark vignetting, this work will fit nicely with a clean background that does not necessarily have to be very light.

In my style of work I like to use contrasts that can be discovered in the lighting, the subjects or in the color palette. I also like to use the color red somewhere in a work so that this color comes back as a red thread in my work. Sometimes as a small accent like in this portrait or sometimes in a real leading role like the many works with red dresses.

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