Amazing digital painting action for Photoshop

If you lack the skill to paint by hand but do have the creativity to want to create amazing painted artworks then why not let your computer do the hard work for you?

Turning a photo into a painting using Photoshop action

Using Adobe Photoshop you can turn a photograph into a painting. I have written a couple of tutorials and reviews on how to turn any photo into a painting and it ranches from painting different detail levels by hand on separate layers up until using a single action that turns any photo into a painting by the click of your mousebutton.
Most of the time I combine a couple of the different techniques to create my own personal style of digital paintings. I also use actions and plugin’s to create my base layers to work with and turn into my artwork. The nice thing about this type of combining techniques is that it will reflect your own style. Solely depending on using a single plugin or Photoshop action will be extremely easy for you to create art but it will lack your own style.
But hey we have to start somewhere so why not start with an amazing Photoshop action that turns any photograph into a digital impressionistic style painting even having textures of brush strokes, spatter and paint drips.

The best Photoshop action to turn your photo into a digital painting I have tried so far is easily Painted by Sevenstyles. Closely followed by Impressionist also by Sevenstyles. And no, I am not sponsored by Sevenstyles I just love the actions he/she or they make and want to share my experience with you.

Painted by Sevenstyles

Painted Photoshop Action Before and After

You will need a powerful computer or just a bit of patience while the action performs it’s magic. After starting the action it will ask you to resize the image to a workable resolution. Depending on your computer speed it might be best to lower your resolution at first until you are happy with the results or just upscale the end result.
I used a rendered portrait with a pixel size of 3500px by 3500px and the action took around 5 minutes on my 2020 MacBook Pro to finish, so it will take a couple of minutes or even a bunch of minutes on a slower computer or using a large file but the end result will amaze you.

Amazing details

Take a look at the amazing level of detail this action creates;

details at 100% zoom

The end result will be a stunning 82 layers grouped into 10 groups that you can edit and finetune until you are happy with the end results.

You can turn on paint spatters (or just use them on parts of the artwork);

Adding paint spatters for extra realism

The Photoshop action also creates a group of layers contenting paint drips you can add to your painting to create an extra level of realism.

Add even more detail using paint drips

Since you are the master of your own art you can of course also choose to go completely overboard with the paint drips like I did here just because you can 😉 Creating art should be fun!

Go overboard adding paint drips to your digital painting created from a photo using a Photoshop action

Since I don’t like paint spatter and drips on the face of this beauty I masked those out.

Creating a digital painting from a photo using a photoshop action
Finished adjusting the action end results

All in all it took me around 10 minutes to create this realistic looking painting from a photograph using Photoshop with the Painted action by Sevenstyles.

Now you can call it a day or go even more overboard combining different actions creating your art. I used the Technical Art 3 action to create a sketch of the original image.

Technical Art 3 sketch created from the original photo

Placing the sketch on the background and masking out parts of the painting fives a nice effect. But it’s all up to you to create your own style of artworks. Have fun!

Turning a photo into a digital painting using a Photoshop action

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