Portrait retouching

Below a splitscreen showing the difference between the original photograph and the retouched version.retouch splitscreen

Techniques used in this retouch are:
– Double RAW converting
– Frequency separation
–┬áSkin smoothening
– Two pass non-destructive dodge & burn
– Eyes highlighting
– Liquify shaping

Photographers who lack the time of skill to do this kind of retouching and want me to do (part of) the retouching can contact me.

If you would like me to give a one-on-one workshop teaching these techniques, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.
In a workshop with a duration of about two and a half hours we will retouch a portrait you bring yourself or use one of my photo’s. One-on-one workshopping of course means all of my attention goes to you and we can focus on areas where you need teaching in. Basic photoshop knowledge is needed for this one-on-one workshop. Also you bring your own laptop with a working copy of photoshop.
I am located near the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Another recent retouch comparison photo:
Portret 1920 style

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