FashionGirl Image bundle

I have been working on FashionGirl for a while now and I am very excited to be able to finally share with you the FashionGirl bundle with 85 images to be used by artists creating artworks. FashionGirl is wearing a bright red fashion-dress that nicely shows her gorgeous figure. It is a little sexy but still decent enough for a fashion image.

All images are high resolution (mostly 24 megapixels) TIFF files with transparant background for quick and easy use in Adobe Photoshop or other image editors.
The bundle comes with a commercial license so image creators can use these images in their commercial work without limitations.

If you are learning to create composites in Photoshop or other image editor this bundle will give you 85 files to experiment on creating your own style of artworks.

FashionGirl in a Venetian room

The bundle also comes with a layered Photoshop .PSD file as an example on how to use these files. The Venetian background is in the Photoshop file at full resolution for you to use also. Read the description below for more details.
The bundle has an early bird pricing which will go up soon, so don’t wait too long. 😉

I really hope you will be able to create amazing art with this bundle since I worked very hard on it. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Happy editing!

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