Create your own fine-art by compositing

After taking photographs for years I started to use photoshop more and more to get more creative then just some basic retouching, so it don’t take long for me to start compositing.
I was following an English photographer Glyn Dewis who was doing a lot of Photoshop tutorials and was also compositing his images. Then I came across a compositing book by Matt Kloskowski and learned the fine techniques for compositing my photographs.

Nowadays compositing is a tool in my toolbox I use often and I think most digital artists use this technique for creating their art.
If you are new to compositing you can find a couple of useful tutorials on this website and if you want to practise compositing maybe this image bundle is something for you.
Artists who already have the compositing techniques in their toolboxes and are looking for subjects and backgrounds to composite with might find this image bundle interesting for creating new artworks.

The “Composite Assets bundle” contains 37 high resolution TIFF files. Most of them are on transparant background for quick and easy compositing. The example files both took me less then 2 minutes to create using photoshop and are made using files from this bundle only.

For a very limited time only this bundle is for sale for just 5 euros. Click on the button below to order your copy.

Yes, I want this!

Combine elements from the bundle with backgrounds from and create your own unique works of art or use your own subjects and combine them with the backgrounds from the bundle.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Happy editing!

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