Puppet Warp

A small and fast tutorial to show you how to use the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop.

When combining elements in a composite photo, not always everything fits exactly like you want it to fit. For example the model in this image is shot in the studio. I can’t fit a car in my small studio, so I made a cut-out of the model and made a composite with this nice car. As you can see this doesn’t really fit.
Puppet Warp StartLuckily the model is a cut-out so I can adjust her pose using the Puppet Warp tool in Photoshop.
First select the layer where the cut-out of the model is on. Then from the menu select “edit” and then “Puppet Warp”. You will see a wire-frame like this:
Puppet Warp WireframeNow we have to add pins on the joints of the model. I want her to lean over against the car so I want to adjust her from her hip.
To make sure her legs won’t be adjusted I place a pin on both her knees. Then I place a pin on her hip. The exact location is important since this is the spot where most of the adjustment is going to take place. A little trial and error will probably give you the perfect spot.
Next I place a pin on her hands so I have a pin to pull down towards the car.
Puppet Warp pinsIt’s a little hard to see the pins in the image, but if you look closely to her hip, hands and both her knees you see a small black dot on all the places I put a pin.

Next you pull down the pin on her hand until her pose is adjusted to your liking.
Puppet Warp pins adjustedPress “Enter” to finalise the Puppet Warp and you’re done!

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