Want to enjoy a cool action game, or let your mind work on one of the puzzle games? Look no further and click on one of the games to play.
These games are Java applets, that means that they will load in your browser, so after clicking the link, please be a little bit patient while the game loads.

Remember that mailman from the tv series Cheers? Well this action game is based on him. Just try to deliver the mail in time avoiding nasty dogs and fast driving cars and don't forget to take a fresh beer at Cheers now and again.
Move Cliff around the streets using the arrow keys on the keyboard. At the mailbox that is highlighted by the red arrow, face the mailbox and press enter. When beer is running low, go back to cheers for a refill. Beware of the dogs and cars and you'll make it to a highscore.Once the game is loaded, you can press F1 to get more help.
Highscores are kept on the server, so maybe you can beat the rest of the visitors to
Current highscores are:


Try to solve the jigsaw of me in Sydney. The puzzle pieces can be twisted around by clicking them with the right mouse button.


Expect more games to be added soon.