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Welcome to the page designed to keep you up to date to my visits to Australia.
As you probably have guessed my name is Arjen. I am from Holland but I love the Australian country.

What can you expect to find here?
A lot of information about my visit to the wonderful Australia, and also the nesecary links to useful sites. I will also be including some pictures I made/make down-under.

Check out the page I made about beer in Australia.

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Ok, this next report is Dutch only for now. It describes the trip I took with Eduard from Melbourne up north towards Brisbane and back.

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Another journey report, this time I went to a little town called Walhalla, the trip was really awesome, so please go ahead and read about it here.

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I arived savely in Melbourne March 2nd. And on the first weekend I went for a journey in the centre of Melbourne. You can read all about it here.

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My next trip to Australia is set to be starting on March 1st 2000. After that I will be updating this page and tell you what is going on.

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