What are eCards?
eCards are greeting cards that you can send to your friends and loved ones using your email. The person you are sending the eCard to, will receive an email with a link to the card you made for him or her. He or she can click the link and see the exact same card you made him or her.This is a great and simple way to let someone know you care. 

So don't hestitate and send an eCard for free.

We are still working on upgrading this Carddesk to support more pages with different cathegories, so be sure to check back often to send more new eCards.

Enter your claim ticket to pick up the postcard that was sent to you:

As a difference to many other sites that offer similar services, does not use any personal information including email adresses for commercial use. We believe that the internet should be a place where people wouldn't have to worry about such things.