A ‘Vintage painted portrait of a young brunette’

One of my best selling works is this vintage styled portrait of a young woman wearing an old hat. The portrait has a green background and the girl is light with harsh lighting. I have tried to create a vintage or retro look combining all the elements. Parts of the image are painted adding to the more painterly look of this artwork.

Adding the old dark hat add’s anonymity to the portrait because most of us don’t like having a stranger on our wall looking at us 24/7. The compositing style isn’t photorealistic on purpose to create a more scrapbook feeling to it.

The model was photographed by me in my photostudio. Adding a lot of textures, colours and painting parts of the portrait by hand finished the work resulting in one of my own personal favourite images.

You can purchase this work in my RedBubble store.

Creating such an image is possible using compositing. I have some free tutorials if you want to try for yourself. In the FashionGirl bundle (for sale here) you will find a couple of portraits you could use when creating a similar image.
The digital painting is done using the techniques you can also find in my free tutorials.

I have made similar works with different models, let me know if you are interested in articles about them.

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