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Use this simple new tool to help figure out your Instagram hashtags



These days, you can’t really expect any kind of decent exposure for your work on Instagram if you don’t use hashtags. It’s just become the nature of the beast.

But where do you begin to determine what hashtags to use? Well, Reddit user Nick Smith has come up with a tool to at least get you started, suggesting hashtags based on your subject and location.


There’s not much to it at the moment beyond a few basic styles of photography and locations, but it has the makings of being a pretty good tool. Suggestions for improvements are certainly coming through thick and fast on Reddit and Product Hunt.

You can check out Dehaze for yourself here, and whether you’re shooting a Macro in Mexico, a Landscape in London, or Travel in Tokyo, you’ll have a good selection of hastags handy from which to choose.

It will be interesting to see how this develops as Nick receives more styles and locations. It could end up being a whole lot of data that users don’t want to have to sift through needlessly, so keeping an efficient method of searching through them is going to be vital.

So, a handy tool with a lot of potential? Are you better off just doing the research yourself if you want the best exposure? Or do you think hashtags are a waste of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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