Take Your Landscape Photography Editing to the Next Level with the Perspective Warp Tool via Fstoppers

Photoshop offers so many different tools that achieving one simple task can be done in numerous ways. Finding the method that works best for you and the one that matches the result you have in mind is important. Greg Benz is back with a new tutorial and shows us how he uses the Perspective Warp tool to enhance his landscape photography.

From Liquify to the Transform tool or even the Puppet Warp, Photoshop has quite a few shape and size modification tools available. Knowing the difference between them all is important as each has its own set of pros and cons. In the video above, Benz explains how he uses the Perspective Warp tool in his landscape work although it was initially designed for architecture photography.

Before getting into the how, he also goes over the why, comparing the result to what you could get out of the simple and easy to use Free Transform tool. As you’ll see, the result at the end is quite astonishing. It’s such a small difference but it dramatically changes the image. The technique can be used creatively to push the result as far as you’d like, but it could also just be a way to correct any perspective issue.

Benz is the creator of Lumenzia and the owner of a very educational blog and YouTube channel. If you liked the video above, be sure to follow his work for more interesting content. If you’d like the full written rundown of the technique shown in this tutorial, be sure to head over to Greg Benz’s last blog article.

via Fstoppers http://ift.tt/2pXIsd3