Sale at Topaz

The Image Quality Bundle, which includes Gigapixel AI, DeNoise AI, and Sharpen AI is on sale at Topaz until June 25th. You can find reviews I have written for Gigapixel and Sharpen. All three products together form the Image Quality Bundle and if you work a lot with different types and qualities of photo’s you will probably want these tools in your toolbox.

Use lower quality JPG files both in compression as in file size and use Denoise ai and Gigapixel ai to clean up the files to be used in composites, etc. Or just stick to Gigapixel ai to upscale stock images in lower resolutions to be able to save you some money or credits compared to the higher resolution stock images.
If you are still using your favourite but perhaps a little bit outdated digital camera the Image Quality Bundle will help you get sharp, detailed and clean images just like you would expect from a modern camera.

20% discount coupon code

The Image Quality Bundle  retails for $259.97 as standalone products, and is normally available for $199.99. Until June 25th you can get an additional 20% discount, bringing the total price to $159.99 using coupon code AIBUNDLE20. (Please note, no other coupons will apply towards this purchase.)

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