Lovely Big Puppy Eyes

Big Puppy Eyes is a collection of characters that are just too cute. Look at their huge droopy eyes and tell me you can’t resist those eyes?
The floor price of these NFT’s is set very low so anyone can afford to be part of this collection.
The characters that are already in the collection are Foxy, Screamy, Piggy and Lovely but I am still working on additions to the Big Puppy Eyes collection so please check back later for the new additions that will be way too cute.

Lovely is probably the sweetest character in the Big Puppy Eyes collection. Once you look her in her eyes, you just can’t look away, your heart will beat faster, you start blushing.

The Big Puppy Eyes collection is created for use as avatars in metaverse, profiles on social media, etc. No high resolution file link is added because this is not made to be art hanging in an interior. If you own one of the NFT’s in this collection and wish to print a high res version feel free to contact me.

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