Painted Skyline of Rotterdam

Besides making images using photography, photoshop, (digital) painting and 3D modelling I earn my living working in a Dutch hospital in Rotterdam. Our hospital sometimes asks patients for feedback after a stay in the clinic or a visit to the outpatient department. We received feedback that the rooms on our department where boring and looked sterile. Because of my image making pasion I was asked for a photo or image to hang on the wall of one of our department rooms. I decided this had to be a Rotterdam based image and I made a digital painting from a couple of photo’s I made on the Euromast tower.
The resulting work is the image I posted here and since then I often get asked about the artwork and asked if it is for sale.

This image has become one of my most popular selling works and if that isn’t enough it is such a wonderful feeling when I am doing my job with a patient in that room to hear them compliment the artwork. Of course they wouldn’t know they are being helped by the person that made it. That really makes my day!

This piece is also hanging on my own living room wall and could also be a nice eye-catcher on your wall. It is for sale (mostly Europe) in my shop. Contact me if you live elsewhere and are interested in a purchase.