Painted Red Ballerina

This work is one of my favourite works of all time.The photoshoot was a lot of fun to do with this stunning model, Demi and her beautiful ballerina dance poses. This photo was one of the best of the shoot and I used it to create this piece of art. Because I like this work so much this work is also hanging (in a vertical position) in my own living room. At first I made a photo composite with this image. Because the photo version turned out real beautiful, I wanted to create a painted version. The feeling I wanted to create is gracious, soft and warm. I would be very proud if this piece of art would charme up you’re living room or office space.

The model and dancer in this work, poses in a gracious ballerina pose “en points”. Which is taken while a photoshoot in a studio. In a post editing I edited warm golden with red elements to create a fine-art feel.

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