Painted Old Dutch Landscape

An old Dutch scene with a low sun on the water. The atmosphere I was looking for here is that of the old masters such as Van Gogh. What could be more beautiful than the typical Dutch images like the old masters once saw and painted. Imagine yourself back in the time of the early 1900s with different architectural styles and a different atmosphere.
A colourful result with many details so there is always something new to discover in this work.

This work is extremely suitable for a living room, office, but certainly also for a waiting room. The rich colours and depth effects many materials are suitable to print on. For example, acrylic glass gives nice depth to the work and the colors are wonderful advantage. But Canvas is certainly a viable option because it gives the work more structures and the realism of the painting is best approached.

This work is for sale at my store at “Werk aan de muur” (Dutch, French en German langauge)

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