My first Changeable NFT called ‘Ballerina Triangle 4 in 1’

If you are a creator of something you will probably recognise the doubt you might have between different versions of the same thing you are trying to create.
As a photographer I often had difficulties choosing between photo’s that were similar. Then when it came to editing the artwork I sometimes just couldn’t choose between different edits. Maybe even doubt between a black and white or a color version.
Creating digital art doen’t change anything to this regard and I often find myself having difficulties trying to choose between different versions.

This is where changeable NFT’s come in. Using my own contract on Manifold to create NFT’s I am able to change the content of the NFT after the NFT is minted on the blockchain making it possible to change the content to another version.
Ideally the process of changing the content would be something the owner/collector of the NFT could do himself, but for now that isn’t possible for me just yet. The technologies for doing it exsists already but it would take a collaboration with a developer to be able to create the necessary mini apps to pull this off. So for now I will stick to do this manually for the collectors of these changeable NFT’s.

The first Changeable NFT will be ‘Ballerina Triangle’. It features a ballerina on point in an urban concrete setting with amazing light. The artwork can be changed between a color and black & white version and also between a fully dressed and topless version. Which one is your favourite?

NFT Ballerina Triangle 4 in 1. A changeable

Because all my NFT’s are sold with a commercial license the collector of the NFT will be able to create and sell four different versions of the artwork as long as the collector remains the owner of the NFT.

I will be asking for a small fee to manually change the content between the four versions to cover expenses such as gas prices etc. The collector can contact me to request a change.

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