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What's newLink to Arjen's BeerPage

- Removed Auction

- Installed new BeerBoard

- Shopping is new on Arjen's BeerPage

- november auction is online now

- september 2000 added chatroom back to site

- august minor changes

- juli 2000 Moved the site to and changed a lot of features.

- 28/1/00 oops forgot to update this page! Ok so far added a history of the news and views, updated the eCards, added a test Ad page, added a Australian beer review and lots more.

- 02/11/99 added eCards

- 18/10/99 added buttons on the menu and added beerboard.

- 17/10/99 added tastes from the past page and the first version of the home brewing page.

- 16/10/99 added fun page, trivia page and jokes page

- 14/10/99 added a recipes page.

- 03/10/99 added beer diet and cooking page

- 28/09/99 added a chatroom and changed the main menu

- 26/09/99 added more beer info.

- 24/09/99 made a download page. Here you can download a free screensaver made by me.

- 21/09/99 added comments item on main page.

- I stopped announcing adding new ad's on the collectorspages, and keep this page for the bigger changes.

- 28/11/98 changed the collectors page and added categories

- 20/07/98 Added a lot of collectors and made a friends page.

- 04/06/98 Added collectors and a new award.

- 17/05/98 Finally I had enough time to update the site again!
Added new guestbook page. Because of the new layout of the guestbook, the older entries are moved here.

- 22/04/98 Added types of beer

- 22/04/98 Minor graphical changes (smaller pictures)

- 22/04/98 Added collector on collectors page

- 18/04/98 Added extra ingredients on ingredients page

- 17/04/98 Added forms on links, collectors and contact pages

- 14/04/98 Added collector on collectors page

- 13/04/98 Added the help page

- 13/04/98 Added the awards page

- 13/04/98 Splitted the about page into 4 subpages

- 12/04.98 Added a collector on the collectors page

- 06/04/98  Added this About page

- 30/03/98  Added new graphics and dis some bugfixes

- 20/03/98 Added collectors

- 16/03/98  Added Types of beer and Ingredients

- 14/03/98  Some bug fixes

- 10/03/98  Added History of beer

- 09/03/98  Added the collectors page

- 03/03/98  Some small bugfixes

- 01/03/98  Put the new site up for testingArjen's BeerPage

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