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Even tough this site contains a lot of information, there is still a lot more to learn about beer and beerglassware. Besides from the links to other resources on the internet which you can find on the links page, there are a lot of books about beer.

Here are a few good books about beer;

0789435276_01_TZZZZZZZ.gif (5021 bytes) Ultimate Beer, by Michael Jackson.
With Ultimate Beer, Jackson homes in on the particulars: which beer, when, and why. After a concise overview of brewing ingredients and processes, Jackson explores a myriad of beers from every corner of the brewing world. His suggestions are organized by the situation in which they might best be enjoyed: from summer sippers to winter warmers, aperitifs to nightcaps. Enticing photography of each beer and its packaging accompanies Jackson's tasting notes, brief technical info, and product-specific tidbits. Then, Jackson indulges further with chapters on matching particular beers to particular dishes, and follows that up with a brief guide to cooking with beer.


bfd.gif (3186 bytes) Beer For Dummies, by Marty Nachel, Steve Ettingler.
Beer has always been one of the world's most popular beverages; but recently, people have embraced the rich complexities of beer's many varieties. Now, with Beer For Dummies, you can quickly and enjoyably educate your palate -- from recognizing the characteristics of ales, lagers, and other beer styles to brewing your own beer right at home. In Beer For Dummies, beer connoisseur Marty Nachel shares his own expertise on this subject so dear to his heart, revealing his picks for the best beer...


bcomp.gif (5551 bytes) Beer Companion, by Stephen Snyder.
From amber American ale to hearty Irish stout, golden Bavarian wheat to rich British bitter, beer is the beverage of choice for a new and sophisticated audience of gourmets. More and more, people are appreciating the ancient art of brewmaking and the ever-expanding range of modern brewing masterpieces. The Beer Companion is the ultimate guide for those who are intrigued by the fabulous variety of beers available today. This authoritative volume provides both a fascinating look at the brewing...


encyc.gif (11654 bytes)The World Encyclopedia of Beer, by Brian Glover.
This comprehensive guide to one of the world's most popular beverages will delight all those who enjoy beer, from casual drinkers to connoisseurs. The text follows the development of beer throughout history, from its origins in ancient Egypt to today's major global industry. The book explores the beers of over 50 countries. 600 color photos.


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