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News and Views History:
Refresh of collectors 

It was about time! A cleanup on the collectors pages. A lot of old ad's have been removed, so if your ad is deleted and you still want to sell, buy or swap then place a new ad for free.

Major update and new address

As you might have noticed, Arjen's BeerPage has moved. This means some  big changes to the site. The collectors pages have been updated. Collectors can now add ad's way more easaly. A lot of other things have changed to, so feel free to surf around the site and see all the new stuff.

Remember to change your bookmark to:

Back from Australia. Too bad, but I am back in Holland! But that also means the updates to Arjen's BeerPage are starting again. So collectors please take a look at the collector pages where lots of new ad's are placed. Cheers, Arjen


As the loyal readers of my news and views probably have noticed, I am a big fan of the country down-under. I have visited that great country twice now and in just a few weeks I will be there again. This time I decided to make a page about my visit and stay and your welcome to check it out here.

This page

The page your looking at was loading in way too slow, so I made a history page where you can browse the old News and Views articles. I hope the loading time will improve now, if not I will keep working on it.

If you know of a beer fesitval or an important date for beel lovers then please feel free to email me about it and maybe I can place it here in the News and Views items.

Australian Beer

After two trips down under, I couldn't resist any longer. So I made an Australian Beer review. If your thinking about going to that great country for a vacation, make sure you find out what beers to expect. Or if your just curious about beers from down under, it might interest you. More pictures of my trip's are here.

5th Annual Classic City Brew-Fest Saturday, April 8, 2000
2 pm to 7 pm Classic Center on Thomas St. Athens, Georgia, USA
150 beers to sample from around the world, collector's mug, and program book... all for one low ticket price!
Live Local Music!
Tickets $17.75 +tax in advance, $20 +tax at door.
To benefit the non-profit AIDS Coalition of NE Georgia.
For more information, or to charge tickets by phone:  (706) 254-BREW.


I want to wish all the visitors of Arjen's Beerpage all the best for the new year.
Luckaly there were no big millenium problems, so I can still buy my favourite beer and my computer started without problems also. So while enjoying my beer I am going to surf away on the internet and have some fun.

Vacation time

Sorry for the lack of updates beer lovers, but I took a vacation to the sunny and great land of OZ. I just love Australia and not just because they love beer there a lot! ;-) For some pictures, click here. In the mean time I am working on a different way for the advertisers to advertise on Arjen's BeerPage. If I get it all working, you can expect many more cool features! So be sure to come back soon! If you want to see the test version, click here.



I have been doing a lot of small updates on the site. Mostly hardly even noticable. But don't worry I am still here updating Arjen's BeerPage as usual.

Beer eCards

You want to send an electronic card to your friends? One that has a beer subject? Well look no further and surf to the ecards page! The easy way to let a friend get your message!

Dutch visitors

A week went by without major updates to the site, except for many more new collector's ad's of course. Well for the Dutch visitors, a friend of mine and me have been working on a internet site about free internet access in The Netherlands. The pages are all in Dutch but are a great resource of information. Since I can't clone myself (yet) I didn't have much time for updates on Arjen's BeerPage. But most of the work of GratisWWW (thats what the other site is called) is done now, so I'll be updating as usual again! 

Updates and more...

I spend some time this weekend working on the site. The results are the fun page, a nice page about the tastes of the past, for if your interested in the history of beer and the first step of making a home brewing part on Arjen's BeerPage. Other additions to Arjen's BeerPage that I am thinking of are more information on beer, collecting, glassware (of course) but also the ability to send beer e-cards from this site. So be sure to bookmark this page and check often for changes.

Furthermore I would like to thank all the people who are sending me nice comments about the site.

If your the worlds biggest beerlover then maybe the people at can help you out a bit. They offer you a free email address that ends with

Have some fun!

You want to relax and have some fun while you enjoy a great beer? Well look no further because Arjen's BeerPage now has a Beer Fun page. Read/write some jokes, or play a trivia game and win cash prizes!


Want to start a discussion about beer? Have some questions for other beer lovers? Well Arjen's BeerPage now includes a message board called Arjen's BeerBoard. Feel free to visit it and start a discussion.

Cooking with beer

I added a recipes page for all you beerlovers that liek to cook using beer. Enjoy dinner!


I made a new chatroom for all of you to talk about anything. I didn't like the usage of registered nicknames of xoom members for the old room. Thanks to the people of I have a irc style chatroom that loads fast and is not a problem with nicknames. So go ahead, try it and have fun!

Webmasters of Beerpages...

The people of BreWorld have a cool beer quotes java applet that you can install on your pages. Take a look at my links page for the example.


Check out the new banners I made! You think this BeerPage is worth a link from your page then please use one of the banners to link to Arjen's BeerPage. On the links page you can find a smaller button-style image to link with if you think the banners are too big. Don't forget to fill in the links form if you like your page to be linked from here!

Beer diet ;-)

Enough of serious info about beer? Take a look at this beer diet while enjoying a good beer! For some serious info on cooking with beer take a look here.

How to poor a good beer?

To make sure a beer tastes the way the brewer intended you have to follow a few simple rules. Read them here.

In case you tried the chatroom, you have probably found out that a lot of nicknames require a password. This has to do with the chat applet being sponsored by XOOM. So if you have a XOOM account you can log on using your accountname and password, if not then try adding a number behind your nick to connect. For example Ar5000. If anyone has a better solution for me then please contact me. Thanks.

Beer Glass Net

I found this internet site about mainly beer glasses. Thought the beer glass enthousiastics would like the link.


Beer talk??

I would like to welcome you to Arjen's BeerPage Chatroom. All topics can be discussed in there but seeing it's on a beerpage I wouldn't be suprised if the subject would be that great golden drink! Stay as long as you like and enjoy!

seti.gif (21129 bytes)I wonder if ET likes earth's beer??

Lately there seems to be a hype around the SETI @ home project. It's a project where computers that connect to the internet run data analysis on their own computer to help find extraterrestrial life in the universe. You can help them out by downloading their free software. Click here for more information.


I got pointed to a small typo I made on all the collectors pages. In case you haven't nocticed it yet, take a look at the listing of categories. One of the categories says "beer glasses filled". Now wouldn't we all like to see someone sending us filled beer glasses?? I guess your local pub can place it's ad there ;-) Of course this should be beer bottles/can's filled. But I thought it was funny so I will just leave it like that for now!

Finally I have a fast and easy way to add the ad's on the collectors pages. Together with a friend of mine, we made a program to automatically ad all the ad's and links to the pages. That saves me many hours of copy pasting emails into the html pages!! So I would like to thank Leanderretina.jpg (5537 bytes) for all his hard work on this program. Please take a look at his homepage, I would appreciate it if you beer lovers give his page some hits. It's called: Retina scan - DVD & Games

Now that its so fast and easy to add the ad's expect the collectors page's to be updated often. Of course I won't mention the fact that I added collectors on the what's new page anymore.

Have fun surfing these pages and CHEERS!

I made a screensaver for all of you to download for free. Instructions on how to download and install it can be found on the download page. I hope you will enjoy this free screensaver. Cheers!

I am working on some changes of the site. One of the things that will change is the comments part that your reading right now. I will place comments on this site, about beer, new great resources, news and whatever I feel like writing down! :-)

Another thing that I am changing is automatically add ad's placed by collectors on the collectorspages. Due to lack of time to keep it up to date by hand, I need a program to do the work for me. I am being assisted by a friend of mine and when it is operational I will post it here. So in the near future, expect to see a lot of updates on Arjen's BeerPage.

Please feel free to contact me for some feedback about this site or just to chat about beer!

If you need help navigating this site please look at the help page.

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