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Making your own beer can range from quite easy to very complicated  depending on how much of the science you want to absorb. At its most basic, you can make beer following these four steps:

  1. Mix together malted barley extract, hops, and water and boil to produce what is called the wort.
  2. The wort is cooled, placed in a fermenter and yeast is added. Fermentation will take place converting the sugars in the wort to carbon dioxide (which is vented out) and alcohol.
  3. When fermentation is complete, the new beer is mixed with a small amount of primer (made from malt extract or corn sugar) and placed in sealed bottles or kegs. The primer will provide just enough additional fermentation to carbonate the beer.
  4. Wait until the beer has properly aged and drink! The aging time depends on beer style and can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year.

There are specialty shops that sell ingredients and equipment for making your own beer. Many shops do mailorder and you can also find shops on the internet who feauture online ordering.
Basic equipment includes a kettle for boiling the wort, a fermentation vessel of some kind, glass carboys (5 gallon bottled water bottles) and food-grade plastic buckets are popular, siphon hose for bottling, bottles, and a bottle capper and caps. Most shops sell "starter kits", which include essential equipment (and sometimes some not-so-essential equipment), ingredients for your first batch, and a book. There are also instant brew machines for sale which make homebrewing very easy.

Brew your own beer kits: has a few home brewing kits for sale. Check it out here.

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