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History of Arjen's BeerPage

I am a big fan of beer for many years now. About 6 years ago I started to collect beer glasses and tasting different beers. Naturaly when I discovered internet a subject for a homepage was easy to find.

The first version was a single page made with notepad and a lot of help from a colleage. It was not pretty but I learnt some of the basics.
After about one year, I planned a new site with a complete new look. The hours of developing graphics and text begon! And after a few weeks a nice three pages were the result.

The page or should I call it a site got some attention from others and I got some reffering links. So maintaining the site became more serious.

Mainly because my provider didn't allow robots and spiders from search engine's in the user pages, the site could not be found using most of the populair search engine's. This was why I decided to change to a new provider. While looking for the new provider I begone building yet a new layout for my beerpage. This time I was thinking big! I wanted a lot more page's and a nice good readable look. The site you are looking at is the result.

Of course my work on this site is never done and I will try to update it as frequently as possible. Always adding more information as I get it and adding more collectors.

In 2000 the site moved to a new domain called Mainly because this would make it easier to find the site and not having to worry about having to change the address again.

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