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If you really want to appreciate a beer at it's best, the choice of a glass is very important. That's why many beers have their own glass. The glasses are not only beautiful to look at, but contribute much to the joy of drinking a special

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Beer glasses you can buy online:

Glass Beer Boots
Beer drinkers are a full-on ripping good lot, always up for a riotous time-even at the expense of their unsuspecting mates. They have long appreciated the fun factor of serving brew in boot-shaped glasses. Those unfamiliar with this European tradition try in vain to coaxout the last drops by pointing the toe downward; then they tip the boot upward-and get a faceful. The trick is to hold the boot sideways and quaff until the last drop. Each glass boot in this pair holds 16 oz. A novel addition to your own barware or a great gift for a mate with whom you share pints and guffaws.

Libbey 6 Piece Rhinelander Pilsner Set
Traditional shape for serving pilsner-style beer. Six big glasses hold 23 ounces each. Plenty of room for creamy heads. Made of medium-thick glass with heavy bases and dishwasher-safe.


Libbey 4 Piece Heidelberg Beer Mug Set
Traditional shape for serving beer. Four mugs hold 16 ounces each. Round inside, with 10 facets around the exterior.

Made of thick glass to keep beer cold and dishwasher-safe.


Libbey 4 Piece Stockholm Pilsner Set
  • 14-ounce pilsner glasses
  • Set of four
  • Wide weighted base
  • 9-1/2 inches tall
  • Dishwasher safe

Spiegelau by WMF 13-Ounce Pilsner Beer
  • Set of six glasses, designed for beer but also great for soft drinks
  • Each glass has a 13-ounce capacity and stands 7 inches high
  • Glasses are 7% lead crystal
  • Machine-blown glass
  • Made in Germany

Lenox Tuscany Classics Pilsner, 
Set of 4
  • Set of four classically shaped pilsner glasses
  • Crafted from full-lead crystal
  • Backed by Lenox's lifetime replacement policy
  • Washing by hand recommended
  • 18-1/2 ounces each; 
    9-1/4 inches high

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