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Hello, my name is Arjen and this is my little corner of the web about the greatest drink ever made, beer.

This is not yet another beersite. The main purpose of this site is giving more information about beerglassware, collecting and of course beer, not just links.

Collectors of beer related items can find or place ads on the collectors page.

Of course there is more to be found here. For instance beer info, beer glasses with info, my personal beer info and links. I wish you great surfing on my site and hope you come back some time.

Be sure to check out the collectors pages. Where you can place an ad for free, or read an ad.

Or try your luck with the online beer auction.

Arjen ;-)

Don't drink and drive!

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News and Views:
Glass Beer Boots

Beer drinkers are a full-on ripping good lot, always up for a riotous time-even at the expense of their unsuspecting mates. They have long appreciated the fun factor of serving brew in boot-shaped glasses. Those unfamiliar with this European tradition try in vain to coaxout the last drops by pointing the toe downward; then they tip the boot upward-and get a faceful. The trick is to hold the boot sideways and quaff until the last drop. Each glass boot in this pair holds 16 oz. A novel addition to your own barware or a great gift for a mate with whom you share pints and guffaws.

For U.S. residents only:

Beer cooler
While browsing the amazon website I came across the sanyo beer cooler. Of course this is an item I have to tell people about on my website. So if you love a good beer, maybe even brew your own this is the piece of machinery for you:
The sanyo beer cooler. This cooler keeps cold brews on tap and ready to pour.

Rapid Ice Beer Chillers
If the above is out of your range then the Rapid Ice Beer Chillers are a must for you. This 2 piece set is currently priced $13.99.


I also came across a beer magazine. Take a peek and see if "Brew Your Own" is something for you.

Beer glassware for sale

Are you looking for the perfect beer glass? I have made a (small) list of glasses you can buy online. As soon as I find more glasses that are worth the advertising here I will add them to the list. Click here for the glassware

7th annual Classic City Brew Fest

April 6, 2002 2:30 to 7:00 pm
Classic Center Athens, Georgia (USA)
160 beers to sample!
Live New Orleans music from "Rockin' Jake"!
phone: 706-254-2739
To benefit local charities.


The guestbook is working again! So please sign it and post your remarks for all the world to see.


Internet changes

You have probably noticed that advertising on the internet isn't making the tons of money that advertising companies hoped for. As a result of that a lot of free services are dissapearing simply because of a lack of income. Some other companies are trying to change the free based model into a payed model. One of these companies is NetMind. I have used this free service for years now. It allows visitors of this site to subscribe to pages and get notification through email when that page changes. Now NetMind wants to see money for their excellent service. The price being over $500 a year. 
Maintaining this internet site is a great hobby of mine and defenatly doesn't make me rich, so I will have to stop using the NetMind service. Visitors who have already signed up with them will get no more notifications of changes. I am sorry but I'm not made out of money. But I will look for a similar service on the net. Any suggestions are always welcome of course.

Then there is the on going problem with the guestbook. It was supposed to be fixed before thanksgiving (2001??). I will be patient a little bit longer but if they can't won't fix the problems they are having with numerous guestbook's I will start using another service or make my own one. Maybe financial problems are affecting this service as well.

Luckaly I don't need advertising money to keep the site up and running. So don't worry, Arjen's Beerpage is not about to dissapear!

I wish all the internet companies all the best and hope some good free services will remain available for us hobby webmasters who have some info to share with the world.



6th annual Classic City Brew Fest

April 7, 2001 2:30 to 7:00 pm
Classic Center Athens, Georgia (USA)
150 beers to sample! Live bluegrass music from Uncle Lightnin'! phone: 706-254-2739
To benefit local charities. The South's Largest Indoor Beer Festival!


I have added a new Page called "How to Brew Your First Beer". It is written by John J. Palmer and can be found here.

I wish you all a merry Cristmas and a happy 2001.


Lately I have been updating as usual again. I am sorry for the amount of updates this year, but as you can see, I am trying to make it all up. At the moment I am working on the layout of (check it out here), please drop me a note if you have any comments. Also if you have any items for sale, please try the online auction(discontinued as of may 2003).  After redesigning I will be working more on the beerpage, so expect a lot of changes during the next months.

As a final note, this december month Arjen's BeerPage has been online for 4 years already! What can I say? Time flies when your having fun!



Remember the postman from the hit show Cheers? Well here is your chance to play a little online game staring this beer loving postman and have your highscore posted here on this page in real time! Current highscores are: 220 Bryan Main 210 John Black 200 James Wilson 190 Arjen 150 Dennis 100 Carl 100 also arjen 90 marc 50 bob
You can find the game cliffie here. Have fun and good luck beating the highscores!

Auction (discontinued as of may 2003) is proud to present an online Beer auction. You can check it out here. So if the free ad's isn't enough for you beer collectors, try our brand new free auction. offers the auction as a free service to its visitors. Use it at your own risk. We are not resposible for any problems that might happen from using this free service. If you don't like that then don't use it ;-)

Cool Beer Calendar

I found this beer calendar when surfing around the amazon website. Its cheap and you get a bonus calendar for on the computer for free. Check it out here!

There's McNeill's Blond Bombshell Ale. Wild Goose Porter. Bent River Oatmeal Stout. With names like these, how can you go wrong? Here are lambics and lagers, porters and pilseners, stouts, malts, and ales from all over the world. On a summer afternoon, the tart, fruity Hopf Weisse Export is the perfect foil to the heat. When Octoberfest rolls around, give Independence Franklinfest Lager a try. Includes Beer Facts, Lager Lingo, Label Lore, Quaff Quotes, Suds Source, and more.


As you might have noticed, the guestbook link doesn't work anymore. I have written the people at htmlgear and they let me know they are having some database problems and will try to fix it as soon as possible. So please try to leave a message some other time if the link is still dead.

More News and Views can be found on the history page.
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