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Learn How To Fix Color Banding Using Just One Simple Tool via Fstoppers

Color banding is a problem we encounter when retouching many of our images or making them ready for print, but in many of the cases we just ignore it hoping no one will notice. In this long and detailed video, photographer / illustrator Lee Varis explains why banding appears in our photos, how we can recognize it, and shows the best methods we can use to fix it. [more]

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A Simple Method To Fix Bags Under Eyes And Mismatched Skin Tones via Fstoppers

When retouching in Photoshop, there are many different ways to achieve the same thing. Personally, I’ve always struggled to find the best method to remove shadows under the eyes. Like everything else in Photoshop, there are a slew of methods to correct this, but each of them had their weaknesses. Check out this simple – yet slightly hidden – method that you probably never knew existed.  [more]

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Finally, An Easy Way To Remove Stray Hairs In Photoshop via Fstoppers

The thought of removing stray hairs in Photoshop conjures up thoughts that are equivalent to torture. It’s not uncommon to hear your fellow colleagues gripe about retouching hair. However,
Michael Woloszynowicz has come to the rescue. He is becoming one of our favorites here at Fstoppers when it comes to Photoshop tutorials. Check out this efficient way in tackling stray hairs!  [more]

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Check Out This Brilliant Way To Remove Color Casts In Photoshop via Fstoppers

Michael Woloszynowicz is a great photographer and retoucher. Not only that, but he is a great instructor. His videos always provide clear and detailed instructions on techniques many of us want to know. Recently, Michael released this video regarding the issue of color casts on models. Although Photoshop offers many tools to get close, this method is a truly a brilliant way of thinking. [more]

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Secrets to Crafting Top-Quality Beauty Portraits: Studio Lighting via Fstoppers

In this article I would like to share some of the basics and tips for those of you who enjoy shooting beauty portraits with controlled artificial lighting.

Make sure to check out my previous articles of this series: Secrets to Crafting Top-Quality Beauty Portraits: On Location Lighting and Composition and visual balance.

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