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Create royalty-free soundtracks with the click of your mouse via Cult of Mac

I just made three custom, royalty-free soundtracks using nothing more than a website and my Mac. I’ll be able to use these in any video project I like. This is some super-simple music making; if you make videos that need music, you’ll want to check this out. Jukedeck Make is an amazing online tool for […]

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How to use Color Grading for Effect and Tone Control in Photoshop via Digital Photography School

Photoshop is a massive tool that can be used to do just about anything on your images. But, knowing how and when to use which tool can be daunting. In these two videos you can see how to use color grading with adjustments layers to make special effects and add or control color and tone […]

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Give More Depth to Your Images in a Couple of Clicks via Fstoppers

Retouching can vary from photographer to photographer. But it can also vary depending on the genre you are shooting. I know it does for me. My wedding retouching is far from being as refined and time-consuming as my portrait retouching. When dealing with hundreds of pictures, you have to find techniques that get you close to a perfect result, but as quickly as possible. One thing I had trouble getting my head around was maximizing my dynamic range in my wedding pictures without stacking multiple raw developments. That was until I made a lucky mistake when sharpening an image using a high pass filter.

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Expertly Mask Objects and People in Photoshop Using Color Channels via DIYPhotography.net -Hacking Photography, One Picture At A Time

Before delving into the mysterious world of photography, I started my visual arts career in graphic design and marketing, both freelance and on-staff.  One request I became accustomed to was extracting all kinds of objects and people from all kinds of backgrounds and surroundings.  Apart from “Make it look awesome,” this seemed to be people’s favorite. […]

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How to Use a Negative of an Image to Improve Your Retouching via Fstoppers

Great retouching is all about small details. They often make the difference between a well-retouched image and a world-class retouched image. However, seeing some of the details can be tricky. Especially when you are on the go and retouching on a laptop screen that doesn’t offer the precision of a well-calibrated screen with a large color gamut. A couple of months ago I showed you a trick to see more details than what your eyes might see on an image by using a solar curve . In today’s article, I am going to show you another technique that I often use to clean up small details. It is so easy you might end up wondering why you did not think of it before.

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The Ultimate Guide to Contouring Like a Makeup Artist via Fstoppers

Before I learned about makeup I used to strengthen or create contouring in post the same way on every single picture. However, because everyone’s face is different, contouring should differ from person to person. Contouring not only can help create dimension it can also help alter shapes. Let see how we can make our model’s and client’s face look their best without going crazy with the liquify tool. Shadows and highlights are photographers and makeup artists best friends!

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