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Digital Imaging Basics. Article Collection One: Digital Image Qualities & Color Theory Basics via Retouching Academy

This is a collection post linking to the articles we have published before and we believe that they are very important for all our new readers not to miss. Make sure to at least skim through all of them to ensure you are not missing any fundamental points in your visual arts education. The Fundamentals Of Color

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Recreate the Look of Your Favourite Image by Matching and Toning Colour in Photoshop via Fstoppers

Inspiration spurs creativity and it is often you find a photograph or artist that influences your practice. In this Photoshop tutorial Ben Secret helps you recreate the look and feel of an image by matching contrast, tone and saturation. With these brilliant tips get a handle on colour and tone through imitation, but then have fun adding your own unique style.

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Model Shantia Veney Demonstrates Fluidity in Posing via Fstoppers

Phoenix based model and photographer Shantia Veney took some time to make a quick three and a half minute video demonstrating how a constant, fluid, motion of dance-like movement looked in front of the camera. She explained on Facebook that the video was to simply show how to move gracefully from one pose to another and reminded her followers that different photographers may require different actions and pauses between poses. [more]

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How to Fix Common Skin and Hair Issues Using Texture Grafting via Fstoppers

From a retouching standpoint, there are few things more unpleasant or challenging than dealing with chunks of hair on the face, missing patches of skin texture and large folds of skin. Generally the existing tools in photoshop such as the healing brush or patch tool fail in these situations and we often end up with unnatural or unpolished results. When all else fails I often turn to a technique called texture grafting to deal with a multitude of issues.  [more]

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It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Michael Woloszynowicz! via Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider

When it comes to portrait retouching, there’s no shortage of tools, techniques, tutorials and most notably, results. Retouching is both a blessing and a curse as I’ve seen it turn good photos into a great ones but also decent ones into a complete disasters. During my time teaching retouching I’ve noticed a common set ofContinue…

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A Simple Way to Even Out Rough Skin Texture and Pores via Fstoppers

In beauty and portrait retouching, one of the most important goals is to retain skin texture and keep the image from looking soft. We often however face a situation where the existing texture is unflattering and harsh. While we could heal out each pore or patch manually, this often leads to sub-par results and takes a long time. In this video I’ll show you a unique, precise and fast way to target a particular texture frequency and offset it in a largely automated way.  [more]

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